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How to fix the issue when your downloads folder takes a long time to open in Windows

Whenever I would open my downloads folder, it would take about 20 seconds to list the files. It only happened on my downloads folder and it was very frustrating.

To fix it, do the steps below.

  1. Right click your download folder (the actual folder, not the shortcut in favourites)
  2. Go to customize
  3. Select documents from the drop down
  4. If documents was already selected, choose “also apply template to all subfolders”

How to fix mapped drives disappearing during the day on Windows 8

I had WIndows 8.1 users reporting that their mapped network drives would disappear before their eyes in Windows Explorer, then reconnect one by one. This problem was not occurring for Windows 7 users. The drives were mapped by group policy, and this is where the problem occurs. Periodically, Windows 8.1 will do a group policy update, and if the group policy Action for the mapped drive is set to “replace” , it will disconnect and remap each drive.

The solution to this is to set the action in the mapped drive policy to “update”  and you won’t have this problem any more.

NOTE: if the action box is greyed out, you need to click on “common”  tab and then  untick the box that says “Remove this item when it is no longer applied”

How to see the last logon for a user in Windows

I wanted to see the last time a user had connected to a server that was not on the domain. Use the command below to see the login time, replacing USERNAME with the actual username. This will also work on a domain, but if you have more than one DC you will need to run it on each DC.

net user USERNAME | findstr /B /C:”Last logon”

On a domain joined PC use the command below to find out the last time it logged on to the domain . DO NOT REPLACE THE WORD “DOMAIN” WITH YOUR DOMAIN NAME THOUGH!!

net user USERNAME /DOMAIN| findstr /B /C:”Last logon”

How to find the location of Jump Lists for your pinned items

Go to Run and then enter this:


A folder will open containing lots of “.automaticDestinations-ms”  files.

You can open these with notepad and edit them, or remove them to clear away broken links.

NOTE: removing the files will clear away all shortcuts from the Jump Lists.