How to install LAMP on Ubuntu

I have been looking at the easiest way to get a LAMP server up and running in minutes.

I found the following command  and it works like a charm!

sudo apt-get  install lamp-server^ phpmyadmin


Follow the on screen prompts and you are good to go!

How to change the IP address on Ubuntu Linux

Type the following command   sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

Find auto eth0 and edit the lines below.

If it is set for DHCP and you want to change it, change the following lines from:

iface eth0 inet dhcp

To something like this for example: (please use your own network IP addresses , DNS servers and domain name where applicable)

iface eth0 inet static

How to allow only traffic from your Elastic load balancers to access your web servers on Amzon EC2

I wanted to modify a security group on some web servers that were behind an elastic load balancer so that they would only accept traffic from the load balancers. The problem was that  I wasn’t sure what IP address or security group to allow. As the IP would change all of the time, you just need to allow this built-in group as the source for your port: amazon-elb/amazon-elb-sg.

This will just permit YOUR load balancers to reach your webservers on your chosen ports such as 80 and 443, and you will notice that it will be renamed in the amazon console to something like this amazon-elb/sg-x00xx000 (amazon-elb-sg) .

How to fix an issue where you cannot connect to a Hyper-V host from the Hyper-V guest operating system

I had an issue where we built 6 Hyper-V Windows 2008 virtual machines with IIS that needed to connect to an SQL database that was on the Hyper-V host system.

We could not make the connection from the websites, nor could we ping or telnet to the Hyper-V host. The Hyper-V guests could ping and connect to any other system on the network, and the Hyper-V host could be connected to by any other system on the network.

The issue ended up being that we had used network teaming on the interfaces that hosted the virtual network for the Hyper-V guest operating systems.  Hyper-V does not support network teaming, so we removed the network team, and the software and just used one of the physical network interfaces to create the Hyper-V virtual network.

Connectivity was restored after removing the network teaming configuration and then teaming software, and then rebooting the Hyper-V host server.

How to fix "ASDM history is disabled" when trying to view history on a Cisco ASA

I was logged into the ASDM for a Cisco ASA the other day and I wanted to view how much traffic was coming in and out of the device, but I could only view the real time data. When I clicked on any of the other available time periods, I got the  following error “ASDM history is disabled“.

The way to fix this is:

Go to the configuration tab of the ADSM.

Go down to advanced.

Click on History Metrics.

Tick the ADSM History Metrics box

Click apply

Don’t forget to save the settings to flash memory!