How to fix Error TF84037 with Microsoft Excel Team Foundation AddIn

We had a user who was trying to create a New List using the Team Excell AddIn, but she would get the following error each time “TF84037: There was a problem initialisinng the Microsoft Excel Team Foundation AddIn . Re-installing the Team Foundation Client may be required.

A re-install of the client was not a good idea, so I did some research and found that “.NET Programmability Support”  need to be installed for Excel.

To fix this in Windows XP/Windows Server 2003 do the following:

1. Close Excel and other Office programs.

2. Open Control panel

3.  In Add/Remove programs, locate your Office application and select it.

4.  Click on the ‘Change’ button

5.  Select ‘Add or Remove features’ and click ‘next’

6.  Select ‘Choose advanced customization of applications’ and click ‘next’

7.  In the tree view, expand ‘Microsoft Office Excel’ and make sure the .NET Programmability Support option is set to ‘run from my computer’.

8.  Click ‘update’.

For Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server, do the following:

1. Close Excel and other Office programs.

2. Open Control panel

3.  In Programs and Features , locate your Office application and right click it.

4.  Click on the ‘Change’ button

5.  Select ‘Add or Remove features’ and click “continue”

6.  In the tree view, expand ‘Microsoft Office Excel’ and make sure the .NET Programmability Support option is set to ‘run from my computer’.

7.  Click ‘continue’.

You should now be able to run the Excel Addin!

What to do when InDesign CS3 crashes with a text.rpln error

I had a user with a 37 page Indesign document that had become corrupted when Indesign had crashed. We could open the document, but if we scrolled down beyond  We tried the Indesign auto recovery, but it would just cause Indesign to crash again.

The way I fixed the document was By exporting it to an “InDesign Interchange” document by going into the file menu and then choosing export.

I then shut down Indesign, re-opened it and then opened up the Indesign interchange document that I had just exported. When I loaded the document it then imported lots of the images and was usable again!.

How to fix the Event ID 521 "Volume Shadow copy operation failed for backup volumes with following error code '2155348129' " error when you try to backup a Windows 2008 server with Windows Backup

I was trying to do a single backup of Windows 2008 server using the built in Windows Backup program, but no matter what settings I chose, or where I backed it up to, it would always fail with the following error in the event log – Event ID 521 ” Volume Shadow copy operation failed for backup volumes with following error code ‘2155348129’

I decided to check the disk and found that there was an OEM partition installed and that it was set to active. I then right clicked on the C: drive partition and set that to active.

To do this, go to Control Panel , then Administrative Tools, then into Computer Management. In Computer management, go to Storage, then click on disk management to display your list of hard disks. You can then set your C: drive to be active by right clicking on it and sellecting Mark Partition as active.


After this the backup worked fine. The problem with it is that in order for Volume Shadow copy to work, the partition with the operating system  has to be set as active.

How to fix the "Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing" in Filezilla server

I was using the Filezilla client to connect to a Filezilla server on the LAN the other day, and I could not get a directory listing of the FTP server and I would have the following error “Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing” . I had opened port 21 on the firewall of the FTP server, but still could not get access.

I had to do the steps below, and after this I got access and a directory listing right away.

  • Open Windows Firewall under Control Panel.
  • If using Vista, click “Change Settings”
  • Select the “Exceptions” tab.
  • Click “Add program…”
  • Do NOT select “FileZilla Server Interface” from the list, instead click on “Browse…”
  • Locate the directory you installed FileZilla Server to (normally “C:Program FilesFileZilla Server”)
  • Double click or select “FileZilla server.exe” and press open (Once again, NOT “FileZilla Server Interface.exe”)
  • Select “FileZilla server.exe” from the list and click “Ok”
  • Verify that “FileZilla server.exe” is added to the exceptions list and that it has a check mark in the box next to it
  • Press “Ok” to close the window
  • How to stop from embedding images instead of adding them as attachments

    I have a few users running in Snow Leopard who have to send images to people. When they do so, it ends up embedded in the email, rather than shown as a separate attachment. To get around this, they have been zipping the images up and sending them, but this can be annoying and time consuming. To stop embedding the images, follow these steps.

    1.) Load the Terminal program
    2.) Type the following command         defaults write DisableInlineAttachmentViewing -bool yes

    You should now see any attached images appearing as a proper attachment!

    How to move VMWare Fusion across OS X accounts

    If you want to use the Virtual Machine across all users follw these steps.

    1) Logon to system with your User ID.
    2) Copy your VM from /Users/< User Name>/Documents/Virtual Machine to Local Mac HDD
    3) Right click on .vmwarevm file and select Get Info
    4) Click on details in Get info pane
    5) From File & Extension remove .vmwarevm extension
    6) Now it will show as a folder
    7) Right click on Folder and select Get Info
    8) Change Group = everyone and Access = Read & Write also others = Read & Write
    9) Click on “Apply to enclosed items”
    10) System will now prompt for authentication to apply the new permissions please key-in your User id and Password.
    11) Change package extension to .vmwarevm
    12) Close Get Info window
    13) Log off from your account and Login to another Account wherein access has been granted.
    14) Launch VMware Fusion Application and run Windows VM from Local Mac HDD

    A Server error occurred while attempting to import the virtual machine. Failed to import the virtual machine from import directory . Error: One or more arguments are invalid (0x80070057).

    To work around this issue, follow these steps:
    Locate the exported virtual machine folder, and then open the .exp file.
    In the line between and , delete the GUID. Here is a sample that shows a code example from the .exp file and the value that you should remove:

    222dea57-bedd-465c-8fe4-54f2ad7ae699 ** => DELETE THIS GUID**

    Save the changes, and then exit Notepad.
    Import the modified virtual machine again

    How to login to a Telstra Bigpond 7.2 Wireless Broadband Home Network Gateway

    I hate installing configuration applications from CD’s that are provided by vendors as they are always bloated and require rbeoots just to do a simple task such as configure a username and password or wireless settings. So if you have  Telstra Bigpond 7.2 Wireless Broadband Home Network Gateway  and are connected via and ethernet cable, simply login to with a username of admin and a password of admin and you are then able to manually configure the device with needing to install the software.

    How to fix "unable to boot from optical drive on Dell Precision 390"

    I had a Dell Precision 390 that I wanted to install Windows 7 on for testing, the only problem was that when I hit F12 to enter the boot menu, the DVD drive was not available as a boot option.

    I rebooted, hit F2 and went into the BIOS. I then went down to boot order and the optical drive was showing as not present. I tried to reset to defautls, took the battery out to reset the CMOS, but nothing would make the drive been seen as a bootable device.

    I took out the drive and saw that it had been set to MASTER, so I changed it to CABLE SELECT , put it back in and then it was able to be booted from!